Calvin Johnson, aka Megatron, and Matthew Stafford were inseparable during their days in Detroit, with Stafford known as the gunslinger and Johnson known as his sure-handed downfield target.

Johnson became one of the most productive receivers in NFL history during his time with the Lions, finishing with 11,619 receiving yards, good for 32nd all-time, along with 83 receiving touchdowns, good for 24th all-time.

Despite the mercurial success of Johnson, the former Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets product ended up with a lot of “what ifs” attached to his incredible career success after he retired in 2015, having begun his career in 2007.

Stafford, the former Georgia Bulldog who will enter next weekend’s Super LVI as a record-holder in his own right, has had a similarly great career that has also been plagued with the same type of questions.

Now, Stafford has the chance to answer those questions in Inglewood, California against the Cincinnati Bengals, and Johnson is one NFL Hall-of-Famer who believes Stafford will end up getting it done in his first opportunity.

Johnson Excited to See Stafford in Super Bowl, Predicts Victory

In a tweet posted by The Rich Eisen Show on Friday, February 4, Johnson can be heard speaking about Stafford’s current run with the Rams, their time together in Detroit, and how much he valued and appreciated Stafford’s talents with the Lions among other topics.

“It’s great. I’m happy for the kid,” Johnson said, as shared by the website Rams Wire.

“When we were in Detroit, the years we were trending toward the playoffs, we felt like we had a team that could take it all the way – and a lot of that is because we had a great quarterback.”

Johnson said he spoke with Stafford throughout the season, and texted him after his NFC Championship win over the 49ers in Los Angeles.

Johnson added that he doesn’t want to bother the Rams’ quarterback this week because he wants him to focus on the task at hand, a tall one considering the firepower possessed by opponents Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, and the Bengals.

The man known as Megatron for his imposing size at the wide receiver position and his incredible talents said he believes Stafford and the Rams will bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

“I’ve been choppin’ it up with Matt. I hit him up every now and then,” he said.

“I hit him after the game the other day, just happy. I just said ‘championship.’ That’s all it said. Just extremely happy.”

Johnson added that he is incredibly proud of his former teammate and likely future Hall-of-Fame colleague, and is laying low in anticipation of next week’s game.

“I’m not going to talk to him this week. I just want him to go out there and get the job done and I fully expect him to win it, but I’m really hoping that he does because one, he’s a friend.

“Two, just really proud of what he’s done – one, in Detroit, but being in the first year, they brought you in here to go to the championship and you’re ready to do that, so that’s just awesome.”

Learn more about Johnson’s playing days together with Stafford in the interview below with host Graham Bensinger.