As the Big Ten gets ready to vote on whether or not to hold a season in 2020-2021, one of the most accomplished players in the league’s history has weighed in on social media on the side of letting the players play.

Charles Woodson, who became the first defensive player to ever win the Heisman Trophy for the National Champion Michigan Wolverines in 1997, said that he’s “feeling for college players” that can’t play on Saturday’s opening day for the sport, while also tweeting his opinion to the Big Ten Conference.

The Big Ten is expected to hold a vote sometime today as to the fate of its 2020-2021 season, and it’s not known whether or not its players will be given the opportunity to play in light of the coronavirus situation — even though most major conferences including the ACC, SEC and Big 12 are currently playing.

A report from commentator Dan Patrick previously said that the Big Ten might move ahead without Michigan and Michigan State this season, but Wisconsin Chancellor Rebecca Blank disagreed saying, “We’re all going to move together in the Big Ten.”

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel has previously voted against having a season, although a report from Sports Illustrated said he would likely vote “yes” this time.

Helping to aid a possible return are improved coronavirus testing modalities that are capable of giving a result in about 15 minutes.

On Saturday, Woodson said that student athletes should be given the option to either play or sit out depending on their preferences.

“These moments don’t happen without the ’97 season,” Woodson said, referencing highlights of his NFL playing days he had tweeted earlier.

Woodson also tweeted @bigten the following message: “lay out all the facts and then let parents/students athletes opt in or opt out! #myhumbleopinion #Goblue.”

Other Michigan Players Supporting a Fall Season

In addition to Woodson, fellow national championship-winning teammate Brian Griese has spoken out in favor of letting the kids play, critcizing the Big Ten’s earlier decision to cancel the season last week.

“Certainly, the Big Ten made a decision early on,” Griese said.

“They made a decision without consultation with other conferences, which I think was a mistake. I know they wanted to be ahead of it, but at the same time, in a rush to be one of the first and be a leader, I think they made a mistake in not waiting to get more information and more data back.

“The ones that are suffering are the kids,” Griese added.

Michigan’s third all-time leading rusher and radio talk show host Jamie Morris has also rooted for a return to the field on his Twitter account.

Former Michigan receiving great Braylon Edwards has not publicly called for a return yet on his Twitter, account, but he did share the following message recently in hopes of seeing more football this fall:

“I watched the Chiefs and Texans last night and Ann Arbor Pioneers football team walk off the field tonight across from the Big House and it reminded me of how much I miss the game at all levels. There’s nothing like football in the Fall!!!!! Nothing.”