Michael Jordan hasn’t exactly been the most effective or forward-thinking owner in the National Basketball Association, nor has he been a successful one.

The Charlotte Bobcats-turned-Hornets have yet to win a playoff series since Jordan became the majority owner in 2010, and they’ve had eight losing seasons in that timeframe.

Jordan has refused to give up, however, and has stayed active both in free agency by signing Gordon Hayward and re-signing Bismack Biyombo, while also making a splash in the draft by selecting LaMelo Ball with the third overall pick.

Now, Jordan is making headlines for an entirely different reason: through his new golf course in Florida, which is set to bring innovations to the course that have rarely if ever been seen by most players.

Video: Jordan’s New Course Offers Special Deliveries by Drone

The new course, titled ‘The Grove XXIII,’ has gained the nickname “Slaughterhouse 23” because of Jordan’s home course advantage and the NBA legend’s tendency to hustle opposing players on it.

“It’s his golf course, so it’s set up very well for him…It’s almost the shorter you hit it, the wider it is,” said PGA star Rickie Fowler to Golfweek Magazine.

“The tees and pins are done every day, so the golf course basically sets up around him — they can play as long as you want but they set the back tees at roughly, you know, 7,000 to 7,100 (yards) and MJ plays the back tees wherever they set them.”

The course, located in Hobe Sound, Florida, also comes with a unique feature that would make Jeff Bezos blush: beer and food delivery via drones on the course, according to a video posted by former tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.

While the new service sounds almost too good to be true, there’s one major drawback: the loud buzzing noise produced by said drones should qualify as a hazard in its own right:

Who is Allowed to Play on Michael Jordan’s New Golf Course?

Unfortunately for the general public, Jordan’s course has fewer than 100 members and it’s invite-only.

From the looks of those who’ve played it so far, top tier athletes like Fowler, NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin, and even former Masters champion Phil Mickelson (who was expected to join sometime this year) are among the members.

It’s got a 4.7 star rating on Google Reviews, by the way, with one user named “pete g” leaving a rather conspicuous one-star review:

“I live on social security and Medicare and cant afford it. Must be nice to have millions and eat at North too,” the reviewer said.

Other reviews were far more glowing in nature.

“Thank you Michael Jordan for bringing the best to Hobe Sound we have plans for a brand new city close by on exit 138. 837acres! The area will flourish!” wrote reviewer Gustavo Lumer.