When all is said and done, we could look back on this year’s quarterbacks class as one of, if not the greatest classes of all-time, right up there with the 1983 class that gave us John Elway, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, and and Ken O’Brien.

Let’s take a look at the forgotten man among the quarterbacks on the AMERICAN Team for the Senior Bowl: Kyle Trask, a former Heisman front runner with all the tools to be a high level player at the next level.

Florida QB Kyle Trask — Keep in mind that Kyle Trask will not play at the Senior Bowl due to an ankle injury. I’m not exactly sure of the details of the injury or the extent of it. But regardless of the injury, I wanted to take the time to talk about Trask because he was initially in the Senior Bowl. He’s far too impressive of a prospect to not talk about.

Few quarterbacks in the scouting process over the years have blossomed and developed the way that Kyle Trask has in his final year as a Florida Gator quarterback. Joe Burrow made an absolutely massive jump in improvement from his junior year to his senior year at LSU. His improvement from his junior to senior season was the biggest in the history of the NFL scouting process. I don’t want to say Trask’s improvement is on Burrow’s level, but it’s certainly up there.

Let’s not forget that Kyle Trask was no犀利士
t even two seasons removed from being the backup to Feleipe Franks. Franks was incredibly mediocre and average during his time at Florida. If you were his backup at Florida, it’s not exactly a compliment.

Trask took over the starting job against University of Tennessee-Martin after Franks’ ankle dislocation injury and never looked back. He completed over 67 percent of his passes for over 2,600 yards, while tossing in 24 touchdowns and just six interceptions.

In 2020, Florida defender Marco Wilson made what will be remembered as one of the biggest blunders in college football history. He took a LSU player’s shoe and launched it twenty yards down the football field and celebrated after doing it. When he launched that shoe down the field, Wilson not only threw Florida’s college football playoff hopes out the window but threw Trask’s Heisman hopes out the window with it.

Even though he didn’t win the Heisman, Trask still should be one of the more undervalued quarterbacks in this draft class. He put together an incredible 2020 campaign. When the football leaves Trask’s hand, he spins it beautifully down the field. Not only that, his ball placement was top notch.


He tossed dime after dime during the 2020 season and plastered his name all over the Florida Gator passing records.

He had a forgettable performance in the Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma, to say the least. Trask threw three interceptions. One of those INTs was a pick six. It wasn’t pretty. Keep in mind, he didn’t have his top three receivers in that game. Kadarius Toney, Kyle Pitts, and Trevon Grimes all three opted out of the Cotton Bowl. Pitts and Toney are two of the best in the country at their respective positions–so it was a major blow to Trask and the Florida offense. Let’s just say the drop off between those players and the next guy on Florida’s roster was huge. Especially for a player of Kyle Pitts and Kadarius Toney’s caliber. Those are two elite talents that will be drafted in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Pitts will be the first tight end selected in the draft, there is no doubt about that.

I’m willing to chalk the Oklahoma performance up to the fact that the Sooners were simply more fired up to be in the game. They seemed hungrier and more motivated than the Gators. Star players on your team opting out just gave that game a completely different vibe for Florida.

I refuse to allow one game to distort my view of Kyle Trask’s 2020 season. It was one of the best passing seasons in SEC history. On throws 20 plus yards downfield this season, he had 38 completions (1st in the country), 16 touchdowns (2nd in the country), and zero interceptions. The kid can push the football down the field beautifully and with accuracy.

I saw a scouting report where somebody actually said that Trask “really struggles with ball placement”.

Ummm, no offense bro, but what quarterback were you watching? Kyle Trask’s ball placement in the 2020 season puts him among the greatest college football quarterbacks of all-time. Sure, he played horrible in the Oklahoma game, but who wouldn’t if their top three weapons were out.

My final take on him: Kyle Trask seems to be the forgotten quarterback in an absolutely loaded quarterback class. I think somebody is going to get him at a great value early in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Many pundits are projecting 4 quarterbacks will go in the top 10. I don’t think there’s a huge gap between Trask and the other top quarterbacks in this draft class, to be perfectly honest.

Will he become a franchise quarterback in the NFL? I’d be willing to find out. His accuracy, ball placement, and gorgeous spiral he spins are top notch.

He needs to make sure he takes care of his ankle injury, first and foremost. Once that is taken care of and fully healed, I think an NFL team is going to love him. He’s going to be a starter in the NFL for a very long time.