Shawn Kemp is a six-time NBA All-Star, three-time All-NBA Second Team member and a former NBA Finals participant who almost won Finals MVP over Michael Jordan on a losing team according to the 1996 MVP balloting results.

Now, Kemp is adding yet another notch in his belt of accomplishments as the first black cannabis dispensary owner in the city of Seattle, through his new shop Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis.

Kemp said in an interview with the local news station KIRO-7 that his goal is to educate himself on the fly about what it takes to open and run a cannabis shop, but the former All-Star power forward certainly isn’t lacking for ambition.

He also revealed his plans to run four other stores in the Seattle area with a 50% ownership stake or more.

Kemp appears to be well staffed for his run to the top, with over 30 workers currently employed in his business according to the news station, which recently interviewed Kemp while sharing video of his shop’s opening, during which Kemp can be seen training new employees.

“It definitely feels good to be able to employ people,” Kemp said to KIRO-7. “But our main purpose is to get this going in the right direction.

“To me, this is an education for myself too, I’m learning as we go along.”

Seattle legalized mainstream marijuana in 2012, and will welcome its first-ever NHL team in 2021-2022, the Seattle Kraken, whose myological beast-themed uniforms and gear has drawn rave reviews from players around the league.

Kemp said that the new hockey team and arena are a chance to hopefully bring another team with a beloved logo and color scheme, the Seattle SuperSonics, back to the NBA.

“When the hockey team comes back, then our voices can be heard through the world in bringing the Sonics back, Kemp said to KIRO-7.

Shawn Kemp Cannabis Shop Also Features 80-Foot Mural

During the interview with the news station, which can be viewed by clicking on this link, viewers can also see shots of the 30 x 80 foot mural on display on the outside of Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis.

The mural includes scenes from Kemp throwing down signature dunks in both the original light green and yellow Sonics colors, as well as the NBA Finals era classics, which included a darker shade of green and crimson accent colors, worn in the 1996 Finals against Jordan and the Bulls.

For a player as iconic to sports fans as the city’s Space Needle, it’s a fitting tribute, and one that will hopefully keep memories of the Sonics alive in Seattle for decades to come.