With a new college football season upon us, the time has come to look not just forward, but also back at some of the most exciting players who’ve graced the college gridiron.

Since we don’t have the NCAA football video game series to keep us busy until the season starts, reminiscing over the most exciting moments from years past sounds like a great idea.

In this case let’s talk about the most exciting rushing quarterbacks of all-time.

These guys were a joy to watch not just because of the yards they racked up, but also because of their signature styles.

5. Denard Robinson –

In a state used to seeing some of the most dynamic runners in NFL history like Barry Sanders and Billy Sims, Denard Robinson shook up not just the 100,000 plus fans at the Big House used to watching dropback passers, but also the NCAA record books.

His first TD against Western Michigan is forever etched in the memories of the Wolverine faithful:

4. Dennis Dixon –

Perhaps no college QB has ever been more devastating out of the read option.

Dixon helped turn Oregon into a power program and an NFL pipeline with runs like these. I’ll always remember him for attempting (and failing, sadly) to play on a torn ACL during his ill-fated (but wildly entertaining) Heisman run.

3. Pat White –

I’ll never forget the time I read an anonymous quote about Rich Rodriguez’s former offenses at West Virginia, where they were described as a a patchwork combination of screen passes and QB runs.

What Rodriguez’s offense lacked in complexity in made up for in explosiveness. White ran a clinic every Saturday out of the read option, and these are highlights to prove it:

2. Antwaan Randle El –

The Indiana Hoosiers were, simply put, a one-man team with Randle El under center.

He struck terror in the hearts of opposing Big Ten defenses and single-handedly made Indiana relevant for a few years before switching to receive in the pros.

1. Vince Young –

A player who transcended everything we knew about what a quarterback is supposed to look and play like, Young made opposing defenses look like they were standing still…while running at what looked to be half-speed because of his frighteningly long strides.

If you have an extra few minutes, do yourself a favor and watch this video. Young was pure poetry in motion and watching his highlights never gets old (bonus: one of Keith Jackson’s finest performances!):

Now that we’ve released our list, we’d like to hear from you…Who is your favorite running QB of all-time to watch? Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments section or on our Facebook page here.