Troy Aikman is one of the most successful and talented quarterbacks of all-time, and there’s no doubt that he lived a charmed life in the National Football League.

His Dallas Cowboys teams were stacked with fellow Hall-of-Famers, including wide receiver Michael Irvin, offensive guard Larry Allen, and more.

Aikman threw for 32,942 yards over the course of his brilliant career, ranking 40th on the NFL’s all-time passing list.

Recently, it was revealed that Aikman made a comment back in November on super teams that is now drawing attention in sports social media circles about the Los Angeles Rams, and All-Star teams in the NFL, that has people talking.

Aikman in November: All-Star Teams (Like the Rams) Generally Aren’t Successful


Aikman originally made the comments to 1310 “The Ticket,” sharing his thoughts on why “all-star teams” generally aren’t the path forward to a championship in the NFL.

“We’ve talked about it — the all-star team just — I’ve never seen it work in the NFL. I know Washington tried it back in, I think, ‘99. I’ve just never seen a team that goes out and tries to put together this all-star team that can win a Super Bowl, much less success,” Aikman said.

“It usually unravels, and right now, that’s kind of what’s happening to the Rams. They’ve just not been very consistent.”

Aikman made the comments when Matthew Stafford and the Rams seemed destined for the #5 seed in the NFC or worse, with a 7-4 record. They had just lost to the Green Bay Packers in a game he called.

“I don’t know if they’re going to be able to pull it together or not,” Aikman added.

“That was a huge game for both of those teams, not only for the Rams to keep pace with Arizona in the division, but also they were still in the hunt potentially for a first-round bye. But it just does not have a good feel. I feel it throughout the entire organization. I just don’t know that they’re going — I don’t think they’re done.

“I think they’re going to have some moments where they climb back into it, but I don’t know if they’re going to have enough to get over the hump.”

Of course, they managed to right the ship in time, and the rest is history.


Odell Beckham, Jr. Reacts on Social Media After First Career Super Bowl Win

Success of Buccaneers, Rams Shows That “All-Star Teams” Do In Fact Work

Aside from the Rams, the Super Bowl LV Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers also constructed an “all-star team” of their own, with players like Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, Ndamukong Suh and others who were either thought to be “over the hill” or had difficulties fulfilling their potential due to injuries, age, or other reasons both real and perceived.

With Odell Beckham, Jr. joining the Rams and making an incredible impact both down the stretch and in the Super Bowl for Los Angeles, it appears as though the “super team” is here to stay in the National Football League, not unlike what we’ve seen in the NBA with LeBron James, Dewayne Wade and others teaming up to chase a ring.

While football will always be the ultimate team game, there’s no downside to this trend in my personal opinion.

Watching Beckham, Jr., Stafford, and the Rams succeed where others failed was one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling playoff runs to watch in my 30-plus years as a fan, and I look forward to seeing who else might join the party in the years to come.