If the Seattle Seahawks had just given the ball to Marshawn Lynch on the goal line in Super Bowl XLIX instead of throwing the ball directly into the waiting arms of Patriots ballhawk Malcolm Butler, Tom Brady probably would have “only” five Super Bowl rings right now.

Instead, Lynch retired ringless, while Brady and his favorite target, Rob Gronkowski, brought home the Lombardi Trophy.

Now, arguably the three biggest names of 2015’s biggest game have teamed up to kick off the 2020 season, which begins September 10 with a Texans vs. Chiefs tilt at Arrowhead.

Brady, who can often be seen hawking protein powders, TB12 books, electrolyte supplements and documentary series, is anything but a potato chip aficionado.

He prefers avocado ice cream and frozen blueberries.

But the NFL’s foremost longevity guru and massage enthusiast can be seen in the iconic Frito-Lay company’s latest TV ad ‘Twas the Night Before Kickoff’ in the video below, sharing the spotlight with his unlikely co-star, Mr. “Beast Mode Himself,” who plays the role of narrator.

Christmas in September with Beast Mode Calling the Action

Lynch narrates the action in the Night Before Christmas themed advertisement, while several unexpected stars also make cameos.

Brady polishes his helmet in anticipation for opening day while Gronk looks like a kid on Christmas Day peering out the window at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

“Kickoff is coming, the pregame is here…Fans and players all decked out in gear. Now get the Doritos and get the Tostitos. Pour salsa! Pour queso! Get the Lay’s and the Cheetos! To the front of the sofa.

“Run down the hall, now snack away, snack away, snack away y’all.”

It ain’t exactly Mean Joe Greene tossing his jersey to a kid in the tunnel or the Budweiser frogs, but it’s well worth watching if you’re starving for football and think a visit from Santa Claus is more likely than the players actually suiting up in light of this COVID insanity.

Check out the video below: