The Los Angeles Rams’ season in the National Football Conference has culminated in a pending showdown with the San Francisco 49ers at SoFi Stadium in L.A. on Sunday at 6:30 p.m., but many people are still digesting what happened in Tampa Bay against the Buccaneers.

Recently Ndamukong Suh, a former teammate of Rams QB Matthew Stafford on the Detroit Lions, made headlines after he was caught on a hot mic asking an official if he saw that Stafford allegedly kicked him on the field.

Suh, never one to shy away or back down from controversy, has opened a can of worms with his comments, and now footage of the play in Tampa Bay is going viral.

You can see the play happen at about the 12-second mark of the video below.

In it, Stafford and Suh’s legs appear to become tangled shortly after Suh takes down Stafford as he’s throwing the ball.

Upon closer inspection at about the 17-second mark, it does appear as if Stafford extends his leg at the end of the tumbling sequence, perhaps in an effort to keep the 307-pound Suh’s weight from coming down on top of him with too much force, although Suh is mostly outside of Stafford as they both descend to the ground.

Suh can be seen gesturing and pointing at Stafford after the play, while Stafford turns his head to the left and appears to mostly ignore him before finally staring back at him.

He got called for taunting, which left many on Twitter scratching their heads.



Should either Suh or Stafford have gotten flagged for this, in your opinion?