The rumors of Tom Brady retiring have been going on for years, but when we heard from Tom Brady himself we knew that this must be the time. It was really happening.

Everyone fully believed he was retiring to the point were one man paid $500,000 for his retirement football.

Tom’s wife Gisele and a house full of children had probably been waiting for him to retire and to live the dream in Costa Rica, surfing daily.

But perhaps Tom, after a few weeks in a house full of kids spent doing chores and taking the trash out, thought to himself, “That’s it, I’ve had enough.”

But with a successful career, marriage and happy family some people have shared that Tom has it all, and wants to keep the career a part of his image as long as possible. Some people however, have had marriages that have not lasted as Tom’s retirement.

Quite a short retirement, eh?

Chad Ochocinco knew all along and he told you so, and let everyone know on twitter.

The question remains, is Tom coming back to win a Super Bowl and leave on a high note? Or will he simply be another couch brother at the end of next season?

This was a guest article by FSH controbutor Pete K. Davidson.