The Michigan Wolverines just finished up what felt like a magical run to the Sweet 16, as part of a two-game tournament winning streak that obscured an average-at-best regular season.

The Wolverines were led by big man Hunter Dickinson, who stuffed the stat sheet with 18.6 points, 8.6 rebounds and 2.3 assists and 1.5 blocks for the team on the season despite being one of the least mobile players each time he took the floor.

Dickinson shot 56.3% from the field, and even added a three-point shot to his repertoire, which he shot at a 32.8% clip.

It wasn’t enough to lead Michigan to a Big Ten title or National Championship, however.

And that just happens to be Dickinson’s current feeling heading into the 2022 NBA Draft deciding process.

Dickinson Undecided on NBA Draft or Staying at Michigan


dickinson nba draft

A sophomore currently, Dickinson, said last year that this season would be his last, but also that it was “clearly not set in stone.

When asked for an update following Michigan’s Sweet 16 loss, Dickinson had the following to say according to

“Right now, the only thing I can think of is how I let my team down and how I failed them,” the 7-foot-1 center said, standing with a small group of reporters before he exited AT&T Center.

“I just didn’t step up when they needed me.”

Dickinson was just 6 for 16 from the field against Villanova, who knocked the Wolverines out the tournament.

He missed several easy shots that he typically converts against an undersized but savvy Wildcats team that knew how to crowd him and make converting even the easiest shots difficult.

While many scouts don’t think Dickinson has the lateral quickness to thrive or even make a roster in the modern NBA where hand checking is frowned upon, Villanova coach Jay Wright called him “the best we’ve run into this year” at the center position.

ESPN’s latest mock draft has nine Big Ten players being selected, but Dickinson is not among them, adding to speculation that there is a chance he could return next season.