The New York Jets finished with a losing record last season even though the team did a handful of things incredibly well for head coach and former 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh.

The Jets lost Rodgers not long into his first game as the team’s starting quarterback with an Achilles injury that became a national news topic for roughly the entire season on the NFL landscape.

Now, Rodgers is preparing to make his long-awaited return this upcoming fall, and NFL veterans and analysts including Robert Griffin III are taking notice.

Griffin III spoke on the topic of Rodgers’ return recently, citing a stat that will excite Jets fans ahead of the team’s forthcoming 2024-2025 campaign in the Emerald City.

Rodgers Return Gets Vote of Confidence From RGIII


Griffin spoke on the ESPN TV show ‘Get Up’ recently about Griffin III, sharing a stat that will surprise fans in myriad ways.

“Aaron Rodgers has won 85% of his games when his defense holds teams to 21 points or fewer,” Griffin III said. “Right now the Jets are only giving up 19.7 points per game over the last two seasons.”

Rodgers is 40 years old and will turn 41 on December 2, 2024. The oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl is Tom Brady, formerly of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who accomplished the feat at age 43 and six months on February 7, 2021 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jets’ Defense a Key to 2024-2025 Season


The Jets’ 2023-2024 defensive rankings stand out like a sore thumb among the leaguewide averages from last season. Coach Saleh’s team finished third in the league in total yards given up but did not make the playoffs because of an anemic offense led by Zach Wilson and other ineffective quarterbacks.

Wilson threw for over 2,200 yards on the season with eight touchdowns and seven interceptions. Former Northwestern quarterback Trevor Siemian threw for over 700 yards and Tim Boyle threw for over 300 yards before he was cut and replaced by free agent quarterback Bretty Rypien.

If the Jets are to make it back to the playoffs in 2024-2025, Rodgers’ health and the defense’s continued success could lead the way.

Critics of the Jets’s current trajectory remain, but Rodgers and the defense appear to have what it takes to lead the team to a successful season in 2024-2025.